Meet Augusta Massah Nuwomah

Place of Birth: Moyamba

Primary and Secondary Education: Saint Joseph Primary School Moyamba – Harford Secondary School for Girls Moyamba.

University Education: the University of Makeni in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. I studied DEVELOPMENT DEMOCRACY AND PEACE.

I have working experience with reputable organizations like CAUSE Canada (Employee), Red Cross (volunteer) Sierra Leone, SRK Consulting (Consultant), OXFAM Sierra Leone (Consultant) Sierra Rutile Limited (Casual Worker) Network Movement for Justice and Development (Platform member)IFC, WHI and NMA (Partnership).

Currently, I am the Founder and Executive Director for Women Initiative Forum for Empowerment in Extractive, District President for Bonthe Women in Governance Network and the Regional Vice President for Southern Women in Governance Network. I am married with one girl child.